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Fashion styles or trends come and go, but a select handful has stuck around because of their unexpected potential. Metrolife has compiled a list of ‘90s trends that have made a comeback to satiate the current generation’s nostalgia.

Everything you liked (spaghetti straps and fanny packs) or despised (knee socks and bucket hats) in the 1990s is officially back and better than ever. Even though the decade began 30 years ago, these iconic designs continue to resurface, demonstrating how the decade altered the fashion world.

Here are the top picks 90s fashion trends that have made a comeback:


Nothing beats a simple cardigan to throw over your shoulders if your spaghetti straps or slip dress got a little too warm. 



When worn as a top, the modernized version is stylish. For a more casual style, make it cropped and pair it with a pair of loose-fitting jeans.

Leather Chokers:

If you didn’t get a chance to embrace your inner punk in the 1990s, cheer- big leather and chain chokers are making a comeback. 


Claw Clips:

Claws clips, like scrunchies, are a 90s hair accessory that is making a comeback. This fad has quickly spread through- and the biggest reason behind it social media sites such as TikTok and Instagram. And more girls are wearing them as a fashion accessory. 

Claw clips work well with both attractive and casual ensembles. Many folks have been sporting the pastel-colored claw clips that give a trendy 90s look.

Loose Jeans:

Many folks have moved on from the skinny jeans trend of the 2000s and are now opting for looser, more comfortable styles. 

Straight leg jeans, flare jeans, skater jeans, and mom jeans are just a few examples. For a more retro aesthetic, two-tone and acid-wash jeans are also making a comeback.

Slip Dresses:

In 2020, slip dresses were more trendy, and they are expected to continue until 2021. Layers are commonly used to style them, such as a tighter long sleeve turtleneck or a short sleeve below. When it comes to slip dresses, you can easily grab them online at the best prices.


Graphic Tees:

Because graphic tees are currently “trendy,” countless clothing brands started manufacturing them. 

One of the best looks that you can get is by layering them with long sleeve shirts underneath or a stylish jacket on top is common. Want to get that 90s vibe? Wear graphic tees.

Puffer Jackets/Bomber:

Puffer and bomber jackets first gained popularity in the 1990s due to their ability to go with any outfit. In the 1990s, puffer jackets were most famously made by Tommy Hilfiger and Champion. 

But they are now made by different brands. Bombers are a perfect choice for both men and women.

 Sweater Vests:

Sweater vests are once again popular- just like they were in the 1990s. Some people are wearing huge sweater vests with tennis skirts and some are wearing tight sweater vests with jeans. 



You can also layer a sweater vest over long-sleeve turtlenecks, collared shirts, or short-sleeve t-shirts.

Oversized clothing:

Oversized apparel has been popular for a few years, dating back to the “VSCO girl” era with oversized t-shirts. More apparel brands, such as Brandy Melville, American Eagle, Urban Outfitters, and others, are now releasing oversized stuff. 

Folks love the trend. From oversized sweaters to t-shirts, people like everything. 


Mesh shirts and dresses are back in popularity- thanks to celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Cardi B. Mesh comes in and out of fashion every few years, but in 2021, it’s back with a twist. 

Some people are wearing simple colored mesh tops, while others are sporting brightly patterned mesh tops to add some color to their look.


Thanks to the internet’s coolest adolescents, a popular ’90s hair accessory is making a significant comeback.                       

Bandanas, not colorful barrette hair clips or gigantic puffy headbands, are the latest fashion trend. On TikTok, bandanas are becoming increasingly fashionable, and one specific style of wearing the hair adornment has just entered the teen culture.

 Biker Shorts:

 Who can forget Princess Diana’s look- she was fond of bike shorts. Now, these shorts are back with a bang and the credit goes to Kim Kardashian. Not only for the gym but the biker shorts are also perfect for other occasions. 


You can wear them with oversized shirts or sweatshirts. In a nutshell- they are whatever you want them to be. 

Fanny Packs:

People made different jokes about fanny packs, but in the 1990s, they were praised as a great solution to carry everything you needed without using your hands. as seen on everyone from fashion bloggers to Kendall Jenner- these brilliant belt bags are back with a vengeance today.



90s era was a golden era- the last generation without cell phones. One of the best things about the era is its fashion. Well, look no more. Create your 90s look and explore your love for vintage!



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