Beauty and Wellness- Following a Daily Routine

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While outer beauty was always a topic of conversation among many, in last few years people have started to value and appreciate importance of inner wellness too. From contemporary yoga classes to trendy new diets, people are cracking all they can to lead a healthy lifestyle from outside as well as inside. It’s time we acknowledge that once we are clean and healthy from inside, only then it’ll start reflecting on our outside.

As a working mother and a fitness enthusiast, I understand the role physical and mental wellbeing plays in one’s life and at the same time also understand how difficult time management could get for us moms. To fix this for me, I have transformed myself into a ritualistic person, I like building a routine for myself and then following it- be it for skincare, physical fitness, or mental wellness. As I see it, all the three are equally important and we must set a routine in a way that we give equal importance to each of these. Once you fix a routine for yourself and start following it, you’ll observe changes in your moods throughout the day, you’ll start feeling more active and will be able to manage stress levels better. Thanks to self-discipline, you’ll achieve a better work-life balance and clearly see when things are going out of your hands, and will know when and how you need to fix them.

A good daily routine when followed consistently will not only help your skin or body in short run, but in longer run you’ll see an improved mental health, less anxiety, a healthy skin and a fit body. Researchers say that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit pattern. The clock is ticking, start now! 😊

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