Fitness & Body Positivity for Sanity, not Vanity!

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In little more than a decade, the impact of social media has changed from being a source of entertainment to a fully integrated part of nearly every aspect of daily life for many. The important question that remains however is “has it become more important than our own mental health”? With our increasing exposure to Social Media, it can sometimes make us feel like we aren’t good enough as we are. But we need to pull our big girl pants and remind ourselves to invest in things that truly bring us joy… not something that is perfect from a standard set by society, but something that brings us happiness in it’s true sense. To protect our own minds (and also of others who get deeply influenced by others feed), it’s time we ask some hard-hitting questions. Isn’t it time we do things to avoid this sexist onslaught of women being bombarded with diet/detox products and stop blending in the unrealistic and ‘expected’ beauty standards?

There is an essential message of body positivity movement as well- there is no wrong way to have a body; whether you are a man or a women or anything in between. Your body is a great body. In fact, we need to accept the truth that our body is going to keep changing forever, be it because of age, of illness or any inevitable change and we must learn to embrace these changes and find beauty in vulnerability and in every bad day. What we also forget about body positivity is that it is much more than plus size models and body weight. In reality, it includes stuff beyond weight, it includes array of things like scars, acne, hair or anything under the sun that has the potential to make you feel bad or raise even a slightest of doubt about yourself. It’s time to mute the words “skinny”, “fat”, “slim”, “glass skin”, ”fair”, and preserve our sanity. It’s time we take the power, cleanse our mind and accept that our body is good body.

Now, there’s also another misconception about body positivity. Should we not be working out and swimming because we are body positivity advocates? Let us throw this thought in the bin and understand that wanting to be fit and body positivity can co-exist. Body positivity is accepting your body as it is and only wanting to change it to be better, healthier and stronger version of yourself, what is important is to not want to change your body because you currently have a ‘bad’ body- no body is bad body and ‘good’ angles are not the only angles!

This is your reminder to start cultivating self-love and letting go of unattainable goals and focusing on amazing thing that you and your body are, no matter what the scale or mirror says, you and only you get to decide what happiness looks to you. If you get on that treadmill, or dive in that pool, or take your cycle out any day- do it for your sanity… not for vanity! And remember, the idea is to not get anti- diets, anti-exercise rather it means anti-toxic culture and saying goodbye to people who keep judging your body, your cellulites, your stretch marks and your food choices. Society is cruel and deludes us with photoshopped perfection of beauty, body, relationships. Let’s focus on accepting ourselves inside out, staying real and ultimately feeling good! Bye-bye-society-standards!

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