National Bike Month | May 2021

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I seek power. I love being steady. I prefer to be under control. I bike with style. I bike with all my fancy gears. Biking to me is like a fantasy or a romantic movie scene. I am always singing some song and imaging that my fav actor is riding and singing along with me. In this imagination, both Bollywood and Hollywood get a chance to ride along with me. It does take me to an imaginative world but also keeps me in touch with the real world and surroundings around me.

Notice that 98% of bikers have a very unique smile on their face. You do turn back and look at them whenever you spot someone biking. Because you want to feel the same as they do. You also what to experience the bond between your imaginations and the real world. This is only possible when you bike. You are everything when you are biking. You are in your control but high with life.

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