On the GO to GLOW Mom | Happy Mother’s Day 2021

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I managed to keep lots of secrets from my mom, that’s what I thought. Absolutely nothing I can keep from my mom. She will haunt me in my dreams if I am hiding something from her. She is everywhere. I thought moving away from her will help me to live my life, make my own decisions and unlearn everything she taught me about life because that’s all is so not true. So, I packed all those thoughts and moved from my mom’s nest to some other nest. I had my own apartment, kitchen, closet, and the biggest of all my “Privacy”. I felt like the winner of life without any interference and daily nagging. I thought this is call living life. But one day I got to know that mom has been spying on me through my friends, neighbors, or whoever she can get hold of. Of course, I was furious and started pushing her away from my life. Hold on…not taking you to a sad road. I was unsuccessful to push her away from me.

I could never unlearn whatever she taught me because it’s coming in handy now. She gave me the strength to find my own path and take a leap from one nest to another. All the drama of pushing her away taught me that I need her more often than I realize.
Finally, I am confessing today that you are my On the GO therapist On the GO stress releaser, On the GO laughter channel, On the GO burden sharer, and On the GO everything!! Please continue to GLOW because when GLOW I GLOW.
Happy Mother’s Day!!


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